Buffoon: Batman’s Money Would “Fix” Crime In Gotham

Stop wasting money on batarangs, Wayne!

Batman Universal Income
Hey Bats, gimme yo' money!

Applying liberal logic in any setting is a recipe for disaster. But when you enter the realm of comics, be prepared to get savaged! 

Rebecca Renner, a contributing writer at National Geographic, has a theory about Batman: If Bruce Wayne had just used his vast wealth to set up universal basic income, he could have eliminated crime in Gotham City. 

I bet AOC is already petitioning DC Comics for just that!  After all, NYC’s spike in crime is because of poor people, right? 

The takes from politicos  was delicious!

Even RedState got in on taking down this assinine point of view:

So, if Bruce Wayne were to give every resident of Gotham his money, he could only afford to give them $10,000. So, unless you’re giving citizens less than $1,000 per month, you can’t even give them a universal basic income for a full year.

Joe Cunningham – RedState

You know you’re dealing with buffoons when a well-known political site is counteracting your points with comics logic!

How do we determine who is eligible in Gotham for the money? Is it everyone? Does that mean psychopaths like The Joker and Scarecrow get $10,000 from their sworn enemy? Is their address even in the system for them to qualify to get it? What about mobsters who have millions of their own through hard work/shaking down people and businesses?

I am sorry, but Bruce Wayne simply cannot give all his money away anyhow. The Gotham Police Department is corrupt as hell, and even though the Wayne fortune has helped pay for and upgrade their equipment (which makes him extremely problematic in the current political climate), they are still almost entirely dependent on him. He cannot fight crime on the scale Gotham needs if he has given all his money away.

Boom! Pow! Zap! You’ve been schooled… Gotham style!

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