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DISGUSTING! Midler, Griffin React to First Lady’s Speech At RNC

Melania’s Got Them All Shook!

Melania Trump RNC
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In a disgusting display, Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin posted horrid tweets reacting to First Lady Melania Trump’s speech during the RNC.

Imagine being so “woke” that your intolerance of others turns to poisonous hatred. Check out what the “woke” warriors of Twitter were saying about First Lady Melania Trump. First, here’s Bette Midler:

For those of you who may not know, First Lady Melania Trump is an immigrant who arrived legally, though some claim that the federal government in 2000 granted her an improper Visa. Also, Mrs. Trump is not a native English speaker, and speaks with an accent, though she is fluent in five languages.

The hate continued from others from the Twitter dumpster fire. White House correspondent and alleged journalist Brian Karem commiserated with the vile Kathy Griffin:

Brian Karem is a White House Correspondent!

Meanwhile, ardent Biden supporter Jon Cooper decided to body shame the First Lady – there’s a nice reflection on #TeamJoe.

All of this hate came in response to a speech that called for racial unity in a very conciliatory manner. Thus far, the RNC has been a far cry from the epic fails from the DNC, which was filled with divisive discourse and a “doom and gloom” outlook on America, not to mention many a faux pas.

Our Take…

For a bunch of people on the side of demand obedient tolerance from all, Midler and company come off as extremely xenophobic, caddy and intolerant. From the racist comments about the First Lady’s immigrant background to their attempts to shame her appearance and their general mean tone, Midler and her ilk outed themselves as hypocritical bigots with a YUGE case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Clearly, Midler, Griffin and people that think and act like them will never Be Best.

What do you think?

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