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MELTDOWN! Brazile Goes Nuts Arguing With Bruce on Fox News


Brazile RNC Meltdown
As you can tell, this wasn't a productive discussion.

Donna Brazile was in full-on meltdown mode, arguing and talking over conservative commentator Tammy Bruce on Fox News’s Fox & Friends this morning. I wonder if the success of night 1 of the Republican National Convention struck a nerve?

Mediaite boiled down the conflict between Brazile and Bruce like this:

The conversation continued with Brazile arguing that Joe Biden has successfully connected with ordinary Americans, and that Republicans were “speaking to the choir” instead of telling a story of Trump’s triumphs. Bruce rebutted that characterization by accusing Democrats of being incapable of understanding the American people, and she eventually moved on to slam the Left for not doing more to condemn the violent and destructive protests that have occurred alongside the more peaceful protests for racial justice the country has seen recently.

Our Take…

From our vantage point, it looks like Brazile went nuts over Bruce’s assertion that Democrats have remained silent in response to outbreaks of violence, including the most recent outbreak in Kenosha. It’s not like Democrats didn’t have the opportunity to do so at their own convention last week, which was fraught with epic fails that we pointed out in this week’s video.

Brazile then plays the race card right out of the bottom of the deck. She claimed that Bruce’s statement – and by extension, the messaging at the RNC – is not inclusive to people like her. That’s kind of a hard sell, given that night 1 of the RNC featured a diverse group of speakers. The first night of the RNC featured Herschel Walker, Sen. Tim Scott, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and others lower-profiled people, like South Florida businessman Maximo Alvarez, who gave an emotional speech during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.

Brazile would not even let Bruce get a word in edgewise. The conversation-turned-diatribe has no further utility, with Bruce even commenting that Brazile was not looking for a discussion.

This is a typical buffoonish temper tantrum. Brazile’s irrationality over a rather innocuous opinion came out of nowhere. Even the segment moderator, Brian Kilmeade, was quick to point out that Brazile was taking the conversation in a direction never intended by Bruce’s response. But Brazile’s did her job with her buffoonery. She deflected the conversation from what many have called a successful first night of the RNC, and devolved into a controversy where people will talk about her rather than a good night for Republicans and President Trump.


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