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“This Is Trash.” The Sun’s “Full House Curse” Made Of Fraud, DUI And… Conservative Views?

The Sun’s “Full House Curse” Is A Blatant Hit Piece!

The Sun Full House Curse

A graphic made by The Sun seems to equate crimes like fraud and drunk driving with “conservative values” in what they call the “Full House Curse.”

In a story about the untimely passing of comedian Bob Saget, The Sun’s Jon Rogers runs down several unfortunate incidents involving former cast members of the sitcom Full House. Among those unfortunate incidents included in Rogers’s story are Lori Loughlin’s prison sentence for conspiracy and mail fraud, Jodie Sweetin’s past drug addiction and relationship issues, and John Stamos’s DUI in 2015.

But, Rogers curiously associated Candace Cameron-Bure’s “conservative values” with these other crimes and examples of wrongdoing. Rogers writes of how Cameron-Bure, “came in for some flak in 2014 after she expressed her views in her marriage to hockey player Valeri Bure.”

For those who may not recall, Cameron-Bure described her role in her marriage as “submissive.” She was criticized for her views, and responded that she was using the Biblical definition of the word.

Social media lit up in reaction to The Sun’s characterization.

Our Take…

This is a hit piece, plain and simple. Accuracy in Media’s Ella Carroll-Smith perfectly captured our feelings on The Sun’s buffoonery:

Legacy media figureheads demonizing conservatives is nothing new, but to put them on the same level as drug and alcohol abuse or fraud is hyperbolic at best, and an outright lie at worst.

If this isn’t a prime example that corporate media is all about the clicks, then nothing written online is. The Sun’s Rogers is using Bob Saget’s death to take a shot at conservatives. How opportunistic by a media buffoon, and yet so disappointingly predictable.

Perhaps worse, The Sun is trampling on both Saget’s legacy . Saget was not overtly political. As a comedian, he took his shots at just about everyone. He even counted conservative figures as his friends. Yet Rogers used his death to take down his co-star’s conservative leanings. It really is true: buffoons never let a tragedy go to waste.

The Sun has since removed the offending graphic from Rogers’s story with no explanation.

What do you think?

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