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NO WAY! Hunter Biden’s Favorite Club WARNED About Mask-Less Strippers!

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Hunter Biden's Favorite Strip Club warned about mask-less strippers!

Washington D.C. warned several strip clubs, including Hunter Biden’s favorite club, about its employees not wearing masks.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

According to government records, authorities visited Archibald’s Gentleman’s Club on January 18 and observed staff members not wearing masks. They also noted the club’s failure to post required signage alerting patrons to the recently imposed mandate.

In 2019, The New York Post reported that Archibald’s employees suspected Hunter Biden of smoking crack in the VIP room. Allegedly, Hunter “dropped ‘thousands of dollars’ during multiple visits” while he sat on the board of the controversial Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.”

The Daily Caller also reported other warnings for “Staff not wearing masks / Required signage not posted” to both The Good Guys Restaurant and Camelot.

The warnings are part of Mayor Muriel Bowser‘s mask mandate. In D.C., all individuals must wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Our Take…

We definitely recommend reading the Daily Caller’s article linked above. It’s quite humorous! The intersection of the progressive’s obsession with masking with their desire to never reference Hunter Biden again is worth a laugh or two.

If you cannot see the irony in a requirement that people who take their clothes off for a living must cover their faces, then, honestly, we don’t know what to tell you!

Perhaps, we should send a member of our staff to D.C. to investigate this further. Some field work may be in order. Any volunteers for a road trip?

What do you think?

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