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Kristen Welker Was A Moderating Queen At The Debate!

2020: When It’s Shocking That Things Go Right!

Kristen Welker Receives High Marks From our guest columnist, Watson Prunier!
Kristen Welker Receives High Marks From our guest columnist, Watson Prunier!

Not going to lie to you, but there was major trepidation on my part going into the final debate between Trump and Biden. There is more than enough evidence to show the possible bias of Kristen Welker. First of all, she is a White House Correspondent for NBC News. She was even photographed with the Obamas and allegedly had spent Christmas with them.

Welker managed that debate with class and an iron fist! I believe there were times that President Donald J. Trump wanted to go #fullTrump and she extended the evil eye! That’s just speculation on my part but, the restraint of @realDonaldTrump was surprising, and I believe Welker played a major part.

Welker kept the debate moving and lively. Even when the debate became heated, she still managed to restrain chaos. Many may argue that Welker should have demanded that Biden answer the many probing and needed questions from Trump. Howver, taking that approach may have made her come off as biased against either candidate. She played well to remain impartial.

I believe you will agree with me that we need more of Kristen Welker.

Editor’s Note: Watson Prunier is the creator and host of Battle4Freedom, where he has a  a top Christian American talk-radio, blog and media outlet providing an unbiased and Biblical perspective on various topics. Find Battle4Freedom on Spreaker, and listen daily!

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  1. Welcome aboard, Watson! Just as a counterpoint to see if we can get a conversation started, I think that if there was one weak spot in Welker’s moderating, it was her constant interruption of Trump in comparison to Biden. I think Fox counted Welker interrupting Trump over 20 times, and Biden only 2. There were many times I thought she let Biden get too many rebuttals, and let him get the last word. That said, welcome aboard – looking forward to more opinions from you!



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Written by Watson Prunier

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