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VIDEO: Top 5 TRIGGERING Moments of the RNC

Run! They’re TRIGGERED!

Top 5 Triggering Moments At The RNC

Since the response to our Top 5 DNC Fails video from last week was so positive, we decided to do another “Top 5” for the RNC. But this time, we put a little spin on it. These are the Top 5 triggering moments resulting from progressives watching the RNC. These five moments feature so-called journalists, D-List celebrities and politicians going off on many buzzworthy moments during the 2020 RNC.

Do you agree with the list? Disagree? Give us your feedback!

In Other News…

Here are some links to stories that didn’t make the video, but are clearly buffoonery which you can laugh about on your own time:

  • REJOICE! The “Brokini” is here!
  • A “journalist” actually fact-checks whether Trump’s 3-year old grandson built a Lego White House. Move over, RussiaGate, we got LegoGate!
  • Giggity. BBC tweets about an awkward looking storm pattern!
  • Nothing funny here… days before a Trump supporter is killed in Portland, a DCCC-backed candidate ponders if it is “open season” on Trump supporters.
  • Students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students should not face difficult exams and time constraints because they are too “busy fighting for [their] rights to sit down and study”.
  • Two New Jersey cops admitted they dressed in disguises and vandalized the cars of a man who filed complaints against them.
  • “Mostly peaceful” protests… what does that even mean?
  • Linguists say that young people can be intimidated by social media messages that use periods — yes, periods.

There’s even more on our social media, so click those links to check it all out!


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