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Don't mistake disapproval of Candace Owens's position for allegiance to Cardi B. We call it as we see it - Candace Owens was playing to her crowd just as much as Cardi B was doing the same. Cardi B stepped over the line. But there can be no denying...

Check out the videos posted on James O'Keefe's Twitter, and on Project Veritas's Facebook. Also, check out James O'Keefe's interviews on Sean Hannity from the past few nights. Links:

Welcome aboard, Watson! Just as a counterpoint to see if we can get a conversation started, I think that if there was one weak spot in Welker's moderating, it was her constant interruption of Trump in comparison to Biden. I think Fox counted Welker interrupting Trump over 20...

WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US YOU HAVE A BLOG?!? We'll add you to our "Links We Like" Page (which is here - As always, great insights - glad to see you found the website! - Gene

Thanks Vada! Likewise, we see your comments on Facebook to all of our stories and appreciate you taking the time to read everything we do! Feel free to join the "Buffoon of the Week" Facebook group so you never miss anything we post.

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