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VIDEO: Top 5 “Cancel Culture Mob” Attacks This Year


Pop Culture under fire form the "Cancel Culture Mob".

This past week was filled with news about how “cancel culture mob” has gone absolutely nuts. Culture warriors are attacking people, shows and things near and dear to us in 2021.

The “cancel culture mob” comes at anyone and anything that they do not perceive as meeting some idealized standard they hold for society. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

What’s even more ridiculous is how corporate America typically bows down to this virtual mob. Corporations are ideal targets because they do a risk evaluation that usually results in caving in to terrorist-like demands. That’s because corporations want to avoid bad press, boycotts and lawsuits. But also, in many instances, corporate leaders actually believe this “cancel culture” garbage.

This week, we look back at 5 recent examples where the “cancel culture mob” took aim recently at some high-profile targets.

Let’s #CancelCancelCulture, ‘Foonies!

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