VIDEO: Kerry Took Private Jet To Receive Climate Award

Rules For Thee, None For Me!

"I am so glad that I took my private jet here to Iceland to accept this 'Climate Leadership' Award..."

Climate czar John Kerry is under fire after a video emerges of him justifying taking a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to receive an award for “climate leadership.”

Fox News uncovered the video, which you can watch below without going to Fox News!

In the video, intrepid reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson confronts Kerry at the event over his choice of transportation, asking: “I understand that you came here with a private jet. Is that an environmental way to travel?”

Kerry’s response was completely tone deaf.

 “If you offset your carbon — it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

John Kerry

Our Take…

“Somebody like me” as in “someone better than you.”

As we said in this week’s video, Kerry’s re-emergence is the biggest indication that “The Swamp” is back in business. Kerry’s “rules for thee, but none for me” attitude is borne out of his wealth and political privilege. Of course, he NEEDS his private jet, because he’s fighting for climate change! How dare you question whether he should be flying coach like the little people.

But hey, America: you get what you vote for. If this is “getting back to normal”, then we’re sure to be chock full of buffoonery this year!

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