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Coca-Cola Want Employees To “Try To Be Less White”

Everyone is a Racist!

Coke Try to Be Less White
Because nothing say Anti-Racism than a healthy dose of racism.

Coca-Cola is promoting an online training seminar urging its employees to “try to be less white” as a means to combat discrimination.

The online seminar, created by anti-racism kook Robin DiAngelo, encourages the idea that white people are, innately, horrible people. Among the points made in slides leaked on the internet are that white people need to be less oppressive, arrogant, defensive and ignorant. DiAngelo’s seminar is geared to “break white solidarity”, claiming that children are socialized to understand that it is “better to be white.”

Skin color determines your destiny, according to Robin DiAngelo

For more on Robin DiAngelo, we recommend this video:

Our Take…

This anti-racism schtick is ridiculous because it is all premised upon racism! The whole idea of DiAngelo’s nonsense is that white people are inherently bad because they are white. Shr further claims that society is bad because it sets up whiteness as superior.

By espousing her own anti-white rhetoric, she is setting back all minorities. In DiAngelo’s world view, minorities are helpless and cannot take care of their own future. Thus, those bad white people must now act as the savior of minorities and fix the future for these helpless minorities. DiAngelo’s absurdly claims that white people need to “listen” and “believe” because everyone’s feelings are somehow justified simply because they are expressed.

How insulting is that? All white people are bad, evidence doesn’t matter, and if you disagree, then you are racist. You are arrogant. You are overly-defensive. And ignorant. What a grift.

Robin DiAngelo is an open racist masquerading as a visionary. And corporations who are fearful of boycotts, or afraid of litigation use DiAngelo’s bile as cover from liability or bad perceptions. But it can also be worse than that – these corporate executives may actually believe DiAngelo’s bunk!

This white liberal superiority is enough to make us sick.

We’re going to plunge deeper into this sort of rhetoric this week. Rest assured, we’re calling out all these buffoons!


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