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LeBron James Is Really Salty About Deleting Tweet Targeting Officer

Zero “Accountability”

LeBron James deleted a tweet in reaction to the shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant, and he's clearly salty about it.
You mad, bro? Maybe next time, do your homework.

LeBron James deleted a tweet in reaction to the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, and he’s clearly salty about it.

This past Tuesday, the socially vocal NBA star, tweeted a picture of Columbus, OH police officer Nicholas Reardon, who was involved in the unfortunate shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant. Body camera video from Reardon shows that he shot Bryant as she was apparently attempting to stab another black femael.

James tweeted a phot of Reardon in a tweet that read “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” and included an hourglass emoji.

We’re not sharing the officer’s face. Because we’re not LeBron James.

While some news outlets surmised that James was referring to Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction that occurred just hours before news of the Columbus shooting, others accused James of race-baiting, and even threatening Reardon’s well-being.

Indeed, one writer, Bobby Burack of Outkick, even called James a “Buffoon”. Good on ya, Bobby! Meanwhile, others online pointed out the insanity of James’s tweet:

James deleted the tweet, but not until users retweeted it over 50,000 times. He then returned to Twitter to whine about how people twisted his words.

As you can imagine, the Twittersphere has a lot to say in response. Many pointed out James’s silence about the connections between James, the NBA and China.

Meanwhile, others called out James’s threatening tone, and his apparent disregard for the black life that Reardon saved.

There was also some craziness that the Internet famously fosters.

Our Take…

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We even got in on the Twitter takedown:

 For years, LeBron James has used his God-given athletic gifts to structure a narrative that our nation is evil. But do you know what’s really evil, LeBron? Scoring bags of cash off the blacks of sweat shops and slave labor.

This week, James abused that power again. James is spreading what best can be described as mis-truths that puts a police officer in danger. Even though Lebron James deleted the tweet, you cannot un-ring a bell. Next time, do your homework, Lebron.

Reardon’s actions, though tragic, saved a young black female. And the thanks he gets is LeBron James publishing his full image with an ominous message that placed a target on Reardon’s back.

If nothing else, the Chauvin trial proved that the judicial process must run its course. We all saw how Maxine Waters disrespected and endangered that process with her own buffoonish comments. Now thanks to LeBron, Reardon’s due process rights are forever tainted. Regardless of whether Reardon is charged with any crime, one of the most influential personalities in the world endangered him, his family and his co-workers in the Columbus Police. Millions of James’s fans take his word as Gospel. What is, Heaven forbid, one misinterprets James’s intended meaning and takes matters into his own hands.

At the end of the day, the uproar James has caused will probably be meaningless. Just as James worries about accountability for Reardon’s actions, he need not worry about his own accountability. That is because the NBA, the media, and the liberal left will shield him from any consequences.

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