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Newsom’s Tone-Deaf Tweet “Supporting” Small Business Saturday SLAMMED!

Newsom Steps In It Again

California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted out support for small businesses, and was slammed by critics for being tone-deaf.
Epic lack of self-awareness. Photo By: Vicki Thompson | Silicon Valley Business Journal

People slammed California Governor Gavin Newsom for a tone-deaf tweet in support of “Small Business Saturday” while his own COVID-19 lockdown tightens.

“Small Business Saturday” is a national marketing campaign in support of local businesses to spread the “Black Friday” spending beyond large retailers. Newsom’s tweet, on its own, is quite innocuous:

However, when read in the context of California’s ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, the hypocrisy shines through. For those who do not know, California remains under a lockdown as cases continue to surge throughout the state. The continuous nature of the lockdown has put a stranglehold on small businesses. According to latest estimates, about one-third to one-half of California’s small businesses have closed, depending on the industry.

So Newsom’s tweet seems more like salt in the wound than a helping hand. A point Dave Rubin makes succinctly.

Newsom’s tweet comes after photos of him dining in a French restaurant with people from other households sparked outrage.

Our Take…

Normally, we’d add a bunch of other reactionary tweets as proof of the backlash Newsom has suffered. But, honestly, there are so many. So, go to Twitchy and The Washington Examiner, who have similar stories with LOTS of reaction.

He locks down the state, but goes out to a $350-per-plate dinner. He shutters small businesses, but want you to go out “safely” and support what’s let of them.

Gavin Newsom is the “Andrew Cuomo” of the west coast – the ultimate COVID-19 hypocrite. Except, he rubs his privilege in peoples’ faces.

What do you think?

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