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De Bozo Quotes Marx, Infuriates NYC Businesses

De Bozo Watch Never Sleeps!

Bill de Blasio is a Marxist
Courtesy - NY Post

Every now and then, the God-awful Mayor of the Peoples’ Republic of New York, Bill De Bozo, lets his guard down to show his Marxist colors, infuriating business in NYC.

According to the NY Post, De Bozo actually quoted Karl Marx in a radio interview when he was asked about a recent report that said his “long-held antipathy toward well-heeled private sector interests” was jeopardizing the city’s economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

In response, De Bozo admitted that “my focus has not been on the business community and the elites” before adding, “I am tempted to borrow from Karl Marx here.”

And then he did.  The response from the business community was nothing short of outage:

Kathy Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, said that de Blasio “suggests that the business community somehow does not represent working people, which is an ideological position and not an accurate representation of our city’s highly diverse private sector.”

“This crisis is a moment to bring the people of New York together, not to divide them,” said Wylde, whose organization represents businesses that collectively employ 1.5 million New Yorkers.

For more on this Buffoon’s latest idiocy, check out the full story on the NY Post.

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