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Buffoons Totally OUT OF CONTROL!

Disgusting Buffoons Out of Control
Buffoons like Cenk Uygur and Jerry Nadler were out of control last week.

Last week’s winner was Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for being oblivious to the riot happening around him in Portland.

We were all witness to some of the most OUTRAGEOUS buffoonery in recent memory from Cenk Uygur and Jerry Nadler – but who earns Buffoon of the Week?

Uygur, a fringe progressive, stands on the grave of a political opponent to espouse his politics, while Nadler proves to be just another sock puppet for the progressive cause holds a kangaroo court-like hearing with clear abuses of power on display.

Check out this week’s nominees and VOTE in our poll  – and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE!

  • Who Ya Got For Buffoon Of The Week?

    • Cenk Uygur
    • Jerry Nadler

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