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OVERWHELMING Buffoonery On Display

OVerwhelming Buffoonery on Display
You can't make this stuff up, foonies!

This week’s show features some really overwhelming examples of complete buffoonery – and our best nominee was ineligible!

Joe Biden may have dominated the buffoon landscape, but we don’t want to be accused of picking on the feeble-minded… Plus it’s against our rules!

So we bring you two other nominees vying to be Buffoon of the Week!  Oprah Winfrey took time out form being a billionaire media mogul to lecture all of us on how white people are inherently racist. Meanwhile, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono tried to duel with Sen. Ted Cruz at a Senate hearing… and was completely owned!But only one can be Buffoon of the Week – we need your votes to tell us who that is! Check out this week’s nominees and VOTE in our poll.

  • Who Ya Got For This Week’s Buffoon of the Week?

    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Sen. Mazie Hirono

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