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New Yorkers Fighting Capitalism With… Ten-Dollar Popsicles?!?

Bringing a New Meaning to “Eat The Rich”

Ten Dollar Popsicles

A video shows an artist collective tempted New Yorkers with ten-dollar popsicles resembling famous entrepreneurs.

Reuters posted a video on Twitter about a new ice cream truck in New York’s McCarren Park. The pop-up ice cream vendor called itself “Mschfsicle Eat The Rich Popsicles” and sold frozen treats modeled after Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jack Ma. The popsicles featured satirical names like “Bite Bezos,” “Suck Zuck” and “Gobble Gates.”

According to CBS News, a Brooklyn-based artist collective called MSCHF had these ice cream trucks in New York City and Santa Monica, California. Bloomberg reported at least one day when it sold out of its ten-dollar popsicles.

MSCHF’s chief revenue officer, Daniel Greenberg, said that “there are no plans to expand this” beyond a week. According to Greenberg, the project was meant to be a conversation starter lasting a week. MSCHF is known for its conversation starters.

This isn’t MSCHF’s first unorthodix troll. The group previously partnered with rapper Lil Nas X to create t “Satan Shoes” featuring a drop of human blood on custom Nikes. Nike Inc. sued over the stunt.

Other MSCHF shenanigans include scratch and sniff lottery tickets, and Sacred Seltzer, a hard seltzer allegedly produced with holy water.

Our Take…

We wholeheartedly join with this Twitter user, who says:

As witty as MSCHF thinks it is, many online agree that the joke’s on those buying these ten-dollar popsicles.

Talk about a message fail. These Buffoons at MSCHF are idiotic wanna-be culture warriors. While typical culture warriors trade fading stardom for political activism (think Alyssa Milano), these trolls seek cultural relevance by association. They partnered with Lil Nas X for one stunt. This time, they’re using the likeness of prominent billionaires.

Bless MSCHF’s collective heart, their overconfidence in their ability to spread their messages are only dwarfed by their epic fails. Look at the whole “Satan Shoes” debacle, which resulted in a legal settlement in favor of Nike.

This latest stunt is a great exercise in lesser hypocrisy. But, proving that capitalism is the best vehicle to spread an anti-capitalist message is a real self-own.

What do you think?

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