Welcome To Buffoon of the Week!

Thanks for stumbling into our new website! Bet you’re wondering what we do around here. The short answer is… not much. Except call out stupid people and argue over who’s the bigger buffoon.

Here’s how it works: Each week, we scour weekly news and current events in search of politicos, journos, personalities, celebrities, pseudo-celebrities and more to find the dimmest and dumbest acts in national politics. Those that make us giggle and gasp will be featured right here on this website.

Only the cream of the crap will make it as one of our weekly Nominees, who are then in the running to win our dubious distinction. Once they’re in, our expert “Buffoonologists” will present them for your disapproval, derision and hilarious ridicule in our weekly YouTube video, while explaining why who they are and why they were nominated.

Then, we’re analyze each nominee with our cutting edge Sharpton Scale of Buffoonery™, which measures both their personal Buffoonish nature and the magnitude of their Buffoonish act. Don’t ask us how…. it’s very science-y.

Then, YOU get to vote over the next 7 days with our choice for the biggest Buffoon of the Week. It’s that simple!

This website is meant to enhance the experience for our ‘Foonies – our passionate fans who follow us on social media and who chime with their opinions on politics, pop culture and… pretty much anything that is on their mind.

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It's A BATTLE ROYALE of Buffoonery!