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POLL: What’s Worse: “Cancel Culture” or “Liberal Privilege?”

What's Worse: "Cancel Culture" or "Liberal Privilege"

This week, we present two buffoons so you can answera BIG question.  What’s worse: “Looney” Cancel Culture warriors, or the passes liberals get when they commit a “cancellable” offense?

One nominee want to keep his eye on the prize and cancel the great scourge of rape culture. How? By “canceling” a seventy-year old cartoon character (as opposed to a sitting Democrat governor facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.) The other, who is the younger, dumber brother of said Democrat governor facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, says he is “Black on the inside”, yet the “Cancel Culture” mob is absent?

Here are some other Buffoons who didn’t quite make the cut, but are ridiculous nonetheless.

So, It’s up to you to explain this high-level buffoonery – tell us WHO YA GOT! for Buffoon of the Week!

  • WHO YA GOT! – March 15, 2021

    • Charles M. Blow
      Charles M. Blow
    • Chris Cuomo

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