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WATCH: Unhinged Buffoons Spouting Off!

Buffoon of the Week - Aug. 17 2020
Two crazy Buffoons went off last week - but who deserves the puffle hat of shame!

It was another week of political buffoonery on display on the air and online on this week’s Buffoon of the Week!

Last week, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski reach her breaking point with her once-close friend Donald Trump. Check out her tirade as well as some footage of happier times between Mika and President Trump. A time before politics and job pressures tore their love apart!

Then, we discuss actress-turned-activist Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis jumped to a crazy conspiracy based on seeing a postal truck getting towed! This is not how to reason logically, Foonies! Jamie Lee Curtis is a perfect example of a little bit of information in the hands of a buffoon leading to hilarious consequences.

Plus lots of other buffoonery – especially on CNN, where apparently everyone was drinking their Kool-Aid!

Check out this week’s nominees and VOTE in our poll for Buffoon of the Week!

  • Who Ya Got For This Week’s Buffoon of the Week!

    • MIka Brzezinski
      Mika Brzezinski
    • Jamie Lee Curtis
      Jamie Lee Curtis

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