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POLL: Buffoons in LEGAL Hot Water!

Cardi B and David Hogg are Buffoons
These Buffoons got into some real hot water this week!

This week’s nominees for Buffoon of the Week saw their way into some legal hot water!

First, there’s Cardi B, who let a Twitter beef with conservative Candace Owens go too far when she spread a debunked fake tweet that potentially defamed Owens’s husband and brother. Cardi B did the “deletion of shame”, but is that enough to get her WAP back under control?

And then there’s gun rights activist David Hogg, who is probably kicking himself after a legal pitfall of his own. News broke that he may have allowed the name of his “dream” pillow company get scooped out from under him when he failed to timely trademark it. That’s Business 101!

Plus, we have some great “DIShonorable Mentions” that you have to see to believe, including the most famous trip and fall of the new millennium!

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  • Buffoon of the Week – March 22, 2021

    • Cardi B
    • David Hogg

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