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“FIGHT BACK!” Video of A Shaken Elizabeth Warren’s Insurrection-Like Call

Videos from outside of the Supreme Court depict a shaken Sen. Elizabeth Warren, including Warren's insurrection-like call to "fight back". In response to the unprecedented...

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VIDEO: Panetta Blames Biden’s Putin Gaffes On His Irish Heritage

Former Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta blamed President Joe Biden's Putin gaffes on the President's Irish heritage. You made have noticed President Biden's...

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EPIC FAIL! Lebron James Won A “Razzie” For Playing HIMSELF!

Lebron James won a "Razzie" from the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation (GRAF) for acting as Himself in Space Jam: A New Legacy. The Academy Awards...

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VIDEO: Professor Tells WOKE Yale Law Students To “Grow Up”

A video of a professor telling "woke" Yale Law students to "grow up" for disrupting a free-speech panel is gaining attention. According to the...

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Australia’s new “Women’s Network” Logo Taken Down

Critics are lambasting an Australia's new "Women's Network" logo was quickly taken down for its... phallic resemblance. For those who don't know, the Australian...

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