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Is Alyssa Milano Running For Congress?!? WE HOPE SO!

A recent tweet and some comments have us questioning if perennial buffoon Alyssa Milano is running for Congress. Boy, do we hope so! As first...

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VIDEO: John Cena KOWTOWS To China For Taiwan Comments

In a shameful display, wrestler-turned-actor John Cena begged China for forgiveness for referring to Taiwan as a country. Cena made the comment during an...

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BIGOTRY ON VIDEO! Sarah Silverman Accuses Caitlyn Jenner Of Transphobia

Comedian Sarah Silverman accused Caitlyn Jenner of transphobia for speaking against trans girl participating in girls' athletics. Jenner, a former Olympic gold medalist who...

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Coca-Cola Pauses “Diversity” Plan After Its Top Lawyer Resigns

Coca-Cola has paused its controversial (and possibly illegal) woke "diversity" plan amid news that its top lawyer, Bradley Gayton, abruptly resigned. According to Fox...

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YOU’RE NOT HELPING: Milano Called Out By Black TikTok Star

Black TikTok star Savannah Edwards called out Alyssa Milano, telling Milano, "you're not helping" with race relations. Known as @thisissavvy, Edwards posted her reaction...

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